New Zealand - China Free Trade Agreement.


The NZ-China FTA will eliminate tariffs on 96% of New Zealand's current exports to China. New Zealand exports to China incurred duty payments averaging $118.5 million annually over 2004-2006. Under the FTA, New Zealand will make an annual duty saving of $115.5 million.

On entry to force, tariffs at or below 5 percent on over NZ$200 million worth of New Zealand's exports were eliminated. 35% of current exports will be duty-free from day one Approximately 75% of New Zealand's current wool exports (6% of total exports) will be duty-free from 1 January 2009.

A further 31% of current exports will become duty free over the first five years from entry into force. Tariffs on the remaining 30% of exports will be progressively eliminated.

Full details of the changes to tariffs and the timetables for these changes are set out in Annex 1 of the NZ-China FTA. The tariffs that apply to particular products can be found with the tariff finder.

In order to qualify for tariff reductions, goods must also comply with the applicable Rules of Origin. The Rules of Origin that apply to particular products can also be found using the tariff finder.


New Zealand Exports to China

New Zealand Imports from China


Date for Tariff elimination

% of total NZ exports to China

Key products

% of total NZ imports from China

Key products

1 October 2008 (expected date of entry into force, subject to parliamentary processes)


Certain types of fibreboard, fish meal, scrap metal (copper and aluminium), coking coal and iron slag


37% of trade is already duty free

1 January 2009 6.0% Around 75% of current wool exports (with the balance of current exports becoming duty-free over 8 years),  

1 January 2012/2013


Infant milk formula, casein, yoghurt, frozen fish, frozen fish fillets, methanol, animal fats & oils, apples and wine


Steel, whiteware plastics, furniture, tyres, pens

1 January 2014



Textiles, some clothing and footwear and carpets

1 January 2016


Edible offal, oranges, orange juice, milking machines Sheep & beef meat, kiwifruit, sheepskins


Clothing and footwear

1 January 2017


Butter, cheese and liquid milk


1 January 2019


Whole and skim milk powders


Country-Specific Tariff Quota for wool


Wool and wool tops


No tariff reductions under the FTA.


Certain paper products and certain processed wood products. Wheat, sugar, rice


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